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10 activities for a customer focused enterprise

To give the right importance to your current and potential customers is enough to think about that conquering a new customer costs 6 times more than keeping loyal an existing one.

We have tried to show in 10 short sentences some essential activities for managers and entrepreuners that want to develop a customer-oriented strategy.



1. Customer relationship quality is the key-added value that decides brand success.

In the dynamic and competitive today’s market, become essential understanding how the activities focused on customer relationship are in the medium-long term the most profitable.


2. Invest in strategy and organization, only later in IT.

Customer relationship cannot be built purchasing a software, but is a process inserted in brand strategies, brand culture, organization and communication.


3. Only knowing and talking to your customers, you can satisfy them. 

Customer relationship management cannot be hust an information and promotion sending, has to be figured out a dialogue to understand their requirements, preferences, signals and expectations. 


4. Not all customers require same efforts and activities.

This rule is true also for CRM strategies. Goals linked to CRM implementation have to be set clearly, such as KPI that measures economic returns.

5. To know your customers is essential an effective data collection and management. 

Can you imagine how many things customers tell us and we are not capable enough to collect? Cutomers database monitoring and development are the most important step in order to achieve a right progress. 


6. All customers information have to be archieved, managed and costantly updated. 

Customers information management represent an essential set of activities involving people who we interact with and our own company. 


7. Customised standards have to be set in order to manage sales opportunities and sales process. 

Customising CRM activities with the creation of ad hoc forms, make possible mapping all customers information.


8. CRM is an essential tool that has to be implemented in strategic process, requiring focused skills 

Training and skills development programs are necessary and are available only linked with continuous feedback and updates. All front and back-office employees must be involved in the project.


9. All customer relationship development activities have to be implemented. 

Some activities to focus on: responsiveness, information outlining and management, assigning and sharing in real time to the right department, mapping of all the activities. 


10. Continuous feedback and KPI auditing.

CRM projects auditing and monitoring is a key added value in the today comeptitive market. Customers brand loyalty have an huge economic value.


In a customer focused organisation customer care, administrative, marketing and sales departement information, if connected, are an huge source of sales opportunities.