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APT Livigno

The Blue Dolls


Livigno is a small mountain village in the province of Sondrio a strong tourist vocation. For many months a year is covered with snow and has a predominantly sports tourism and foreign.


The goal of APT Livigno is to maintain a steady flow of tourists during the summer time. Therefore intends to create and develop activities to launch the summer season and strengthen its presence in the market as an alternative to other locations.

What we did

Eventi Italiani  studied for Livigno a recurring weekly appointment that fits with what has been achieved by APT. So alongside food and wine events, culture, folklore, sports, …it has been created a moment of customized entertainment  designed to engage and entertain guests as well as to generate an emotional link between the show, the location and the tourist.  Different kind of performances are staged, aimed at different targets, but at the same time bound, with a specific feature.


The activities carried out in collaboration with the local organization has created a highly anticipated event, attractive and engaging  for the guests. In some situations there is a high interest for the productions specifically realized for Livigno so as to generate a date / time to annual meeting