Veneto Ricerche

Date:d F Y

Municipality of Assago

Customer satisfaction: sales lead


The Mayor of the Municipality of Assago wanted to detect the level of satisfaction of his own citizens regarding some offered services in order to plan and establish the priorities of the following municipality actions.


This customer satisfaction research intended to highlight strong and weak points of some services. In order to improve the quality of services we collected suggestions, needs and expectations: that has been possible by the precious collaboration of residents. The research results can represent an objective support to focused actions.


What we did

The research is composed of two main parts:

  1. The first part is devoted to the definition of objectives, methodology, reading keys and research conclusions.
  2. The second part concerns the configuration of sample in the main considered discriminators and the deep analysis of the results of each question

The histograms represent the absolute and relative values of the judgments expressed by respondents, or the frequency. The parameters so determined correspond to the smaller or the greater importance attached by respondents to each answer or the perception determined by the scale of values proposed by the customer.



The research results regarding the institutional past of the residents in the municipality of Assago derive from 607 interviews based on a questionnaire with more than 20 questions. The 74% of users is very satisfied altogether services offered by the municipality of Assago obtaining a weighted average vote of 8.01 (on a scale of 1 to 10). The greatest satisfaction is recorded on municipal taxation area with a weighted average vote of 9.38; while most critical area concerns traffic and transport service with a weighted average vote of 6.88.