Veneto Ricerche

Date:d F Y

EAN 13 Collection Srl

Sale Network and productivity analysis


EAN 13  is a clothing company that create fashion collections and it’s quality is an example of Made in Italy.


The Company’s will is to analyze how the sale network work in the territory, under the point of view of the shopkeepers, who have a direct contact with the consumer.  The Company purpose is increase the resources for the communication and the commercial  activities and understand how direct the new funds.

What we did

The research is composed of two main parts: Veneto Ricerche contacted the shops where Ean13 collections were exposed to understand the specific needs, the expectations and the sale force of the product. That has been possible by the precious collaboration of shopkeepers in order to know how they can underline the relationship between the customer and the product.



The research results regarding the sale force actions directly in the show room and in the territory, increating the digital tools on the web channels.