Veneto Ricerche

Date:d F Y

CRM as tool of real measurability


In a complex economic contest, enterprises of a hypercompetitive sector, like the automotive one, are investing huge resources in projects connected to CRM, the customer relationship management.

Brand loyalty and a deeper customer profiling are nowadays one of the key goal for managers and entrepreneurs.

To achieve such goals it has become capital to adopt tools and systems able to value the enterprise potential, allowing it to achieve good results both in the market and in the relationship with current and potential customers.

The customer relationship management economic and strategic potentiality have been analysed and discussed during the workshop “Innovating to compete: the CRM role as a tool of real measurability” with Chiara Brizzolari, Veneto Ricerche’s managing Director, as speaker at SMAU – Milan Innovation Fair, a fundamental benchmark and update event for enterprises and professionals about innovation and ICT contents.

The workshop was the occasion to present a case history of a “made in Italy” enterprise that enforced their system with innovative tools able to achieve measurability, monitoring of customers and feedback. This allowed to achieve good economic results with an increase in sales and market share.

Here the link to the presentation showed.