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Automotive’s future belongs to the after sales.

aftersale3European automotive market in the last months has registered an increase in car registration. According to Acea’s data – in the 28 european country plus 3 Efta’s (Island, Norway, Switzerland) – there is a 5.6% increase in comparison to the same period of the 2013 year*.
Despite that positive data, in the Italian market has been revealed a growing orientation towards the service activities. A customer even more careful about his car, with an increasing number of transition in the mechanic garage. After sale become an extraordinary brand loyalty tool and essential information source for the brand’s CRM.

Projects focused on afters ales helps to achieve bonus goals and, integrated strategies development, make possible huge commercial achievement, revealing a 20% customers inclined to purchasing propensity; an outcome with a huge economic and strategic worth for a dealer.

The service activities are often committed to the dealer’s staff and the standard required are even higher; this make necessary a continuous training and and a skills update for the human resources. Is clear that the quantity of activities to develop has becomed so advanced that many dealers are pursuing the outsourcing way. Opportunities offered by the service are essential in brand loyalty term: with the tools available is possible to implement information in each CRM and give worth to strategic development. Customer satisfaction players are aware of several projects that is possible to start up in the aftersale phase, understanding and measuring the potentiality. Data achieved can be shared with other department and used in sales, lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns where they become interesting tools.

The analysis focused on all the point of the customer experience and its mapping allow to work fastly on the service’s distruption. The technic and informatic support is essential to capitalize on dealers information by applicative and ad hoc software use linked to a professional service able to support all the operative phases, from the data elaboration to the outcomes measurability.