Veneto Ricerche

Innovating to compete: the CRM role as a tool of sales increase.

SMAUNext Thursday, April 17, Veneto Ricerche will be present at SMAU Padova Faire with a speech by rapporteur Giulia Zaia entitled ‘Innovating to compete: the CRM role as a tool of sales increase’.

Enterprises and managers are consulting on how to implement its own CRM through lead generation/lead nurturing strategies and how this information can contribute to increase revenue. Leads created by marketing camapigns, if integrated with innovative tools, allow to update customers information, monitoring and outlining their data in order to develop customised marketing campaigns.

The workshop will be the occasion to present a case history of a “made in Italy” enterprise that enforced their CRM system with innovative tools able to achieve measurability, monitoring of customers and their feedback. This allowed to achieve good economic results with an increase in sales and market share.

The workshop is promoted by AISM – Italian Marketing Association in partnership with SMAU.