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Italian Army Mille Miglia

Mille Miglia


The Italian Army (IE) decided to participate in the competition called “the most beautiful in the world” with historical vehicles, some owned by the Historical Museum of Military Vehicles.


The aim of the event is to participate in and complete the competition, giving direct evidence of the values, the commitment of the IA to preserve a tradition of automotive culture..

What we did

The event was made possible by sponsors which bore financially and technically the IE. The event was communicated through banners and material present on the territory placed along the stages of the different cities. Original photographs have been  restored  to witness the work and tradition safeguarded.


Citizens have discovered the Italian Army under a different point of view, linked to the development of an automotive tradition which has been previously little known, This event was an opportunity to demonstrate the professional  and technical skills of the members  of the armed forces.