Veneto Ricerche

Date:d F Y

Municipality of Pontedera, Confcommercio and Confesercenti

The Blue Dolls


The Municipality of Pontedera in collaboration with associations of local categories wanted to  retrieve the Celebration of Commerce..


The goal of the proponents was to restore a local festival  enhancing the trade of the city.

What we did

For the event was conceived a project that would put in relation the Celebration of Commerce with the White Night, through a  common subject  linking  colors and contents. In each square of the old town have been set up stages that have hosted shows and artists who took turns in an intense program, continued throughout the night. Shopkeepers and public have designed custom installations related to the topic and to their business


The inflow to the city was much higher than expected and great prominence has been given to the event by the press. This event was regarded  as a time of celebration but also to promote the area with its own peculiarities that actively participated in the evening.