Veneto Ricerche

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Stefanelli Spa

Coaching courses to the sales force


Stefanelli Spa is IVECO, IRISBUS e FIAT Professional dealer in Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia.


The Company needs to support the business network to increase the sales performance when the economic trends are not positive and  to increase the marketing skills to support the sale strategy.

What we did

A personalized training project  was created for every resource according to the features and the tasks. It was recognized the objectives and the networking to learn new skills and process particularly in the CRM (customer relationship management) application.


The marketing activity has been presented under a different point of view, as a key element for the data analysis (output and input data). For this reason there are important methods to update database and it gets better with the contribution of the sellers. It’s necessary continue to work in this direction to increase the activity of planning and control. Finally, we have to plan strategies analyzing the contacts, the negotiation and the contracts.